The premiere singer-songwriter circle! Located in the beautiful Tivoli room at 142 Throckmorton Theatre in downtown Mill Valley Ca, our event is an intimate experience. We have had a wide range of performers, from professional touring artists to session players and actors that  don't always get to play their original music, to young up and comers that you'll be able to say you saw first at the start of their career. 

‚ÄčArtist appearances thus far:

Chris Chappell /Katy Freeman/ Darren Nelson/ Matt Lacques/ Kurt Huget

Lorin Rowan/ Renee Wilson/ Linda Imperial/ Mari Mack Tamburo/ Madeleine King

Jon Mitguard/ Joe Kerry New/ Bobby Jo Valentine/ Jo D'Anna/ Jon Haley Walker

Kress Cole/ Willow Van Hoek/ Michael McNevin/ Adam Traum/ Colin Gilmore

Caren Armstrong/ David Gans/ Ira Marlowe/ Claudia Russell/ Bruce Kaplan

Jesse Kincaid/ Suzan Z/ Natalia Betzler/ Matt Jaffe/ Olivia Davis/ Roberta Donnay Dana Rath/ Emily Rath/ Kim Rea/ Rachel Efron/ Liz Pisco/ Anita Sandwina 

Peter Harris/ Megan McLaughlin/ Doug E. Blumer/ Chris Hanson